It all starts with a good strategy!

It doesn’t matter what you do. You can have exceptional creativity, mind-blowing content, and the latest and greatest technology, but without a solid strategy, it is impossible to maximize potential. The when, where, and how is just as, if not more, important as the “what” you create.


The first step to a great strategy always begins with attentive listening. In order to be effectively heard, you need to have someone’s attention, and then ultimately retain that attention. In order to accomplish this, you first need to pay attention. This is what we major in…paying attention. We listen to your customers, market trends, consumer behavior, and most important…you!


We believe that no two things are created equally. Your brand has its own unique voice to be heard. You have a specific audience that you are trying to reach, no matter how large or small. You have a specific set of goals, vision, budget, etc. All of these things, we analyze in order to create the best strategic plan for success.


Once we have a good understanding of you and your audience, we merge what we know with creative and media in order to develop the right strategy and begin executing accordingly. However, this is not where the strategy ends.


Strategy must be fluid, as the market is. Audience behavior changes over time. Some things that worked yesterday will not work today. What is working today may not work tomorrow. A newspaper ad does not have the same effect as it did forty years ago. This is why we continually analyze and repeat. We analyze audience behavior, the effectiveness of the content, the delivery, as well as the platforms themselves. Then, we adjust the strategy accordingly, and execute.